Syzygy Butoh Camp 2017

At the MESA (Movement and Ecology Sanctuary for Art)


May 25-28


Please join us at the 5th annual Movement and Ecology Sanctuary for Art workshop in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  The MESA is centered on our relationship with the earth and our own wild, creative souls as understood through individual and group Butoh and Ritual Dance practice.  At the core of the MESA is the premise that indigenous belonging lives within the earth herself and thus within our own bodies.  Dance in nature can be a powerful tool for uncovering, integrating and healing our relations to the earth and our past.  During our three days together we will train to open the joints and the imagination simultaneously expanding body and mind in relationship with each other and the landscape.  Together we will approach the land as a kind of sacred stage where we can confront, search, take risks and be supported in our dreams.  We will take the privilege to spend this short time together deeply exploring our creative impulses, deep longings, ancestral memories and dreams for the future.  We will focus on opening our energy centers and other gates of the body to liberate and recover ourselves in a ritual blessing for each other, our ancestors and the earth.  Join us and touch the matter of your wild soul!


$225 early birds! (before April 15)
$275 sleepy heads (after April 15)
Send payment to Nathan Montgomery, 105 Meadow Estates Ridgway, CO 81432
May 25 ~ 4pm meet in Ridgway, CO at the Town Park under the big Cottonwood trees.  Car-pool 15 minutes to the site.  Set up camp, share food, fire and introductions.
May 26-28th ~ Workshop.
Logistics:  Camping will be provided on site, however there are no amenities.  All participants are required to bring their own camping gear, food and water for the three-day workshop.  A basic outdoor group kitchen will be provided for participants to share. As the workshop approaches we will coordinate around group meals.  It is possible to fly into Montrose and we can help coordinate rides to and from the airport.



The MESA workshop takes place on 80 acres of Piñon-Juniper wilderness protected by a conservation land trust established by my great aunt and uncle.  This land has been in my family for almost 40 years.  Since that time it has remained a sanctuary for animals, plants, invisible beings, family, friends, humor and art.


Butoh is a dance movement that originated in Japan shortly after WWII.  Tatsumi Hijikata, the foremost pioneer of Butoh, developed a new language of dance derived from the natural and even the shadow side of the human being.  It is characterized by movements that tend towards the earth and the unconscious.  Instead of aspiring to an aesthetic ideal Butoh reveals the human being and his inner world.  It implies total presence where dance is an expression of being in the world as well as containing the world within oneself.  It grows from such themes as androgyny, rebellion and the natural cycles of life and death.